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  • Art's Plate

    Proceeds from sales and renewals of California’s Arts Plate support arts education programs across California.

    The arts and arts education cultivate imagination, creativity, and innovation – key skills in the 21st century global economy. You can support arts education programs in California by purchasing an Arts Plate, designed by renowned California artist Wayne Thiebaud. The Arts Plate is the primary source of California state arts funding, generating about $3 million per year for arts programs benefiting children and communities throughout the state.

    Your support will help create a state of innovation and ensure that California continues to be a world leader in creative and innovative industries for generations to come.

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  • Plate History

    "Create a State" Campaign

    The "Create a State" campaign - conceived, designed and produced by Los Angeles-based ad agency Industrial Creative - directly links arts education to creativity, innovation and success in every field. Billboards, a voucher card program, online initiatives, social networking campaigns and more work together to promote the vital role of the arts in California education, elevate awareness of the Arts Plate and inspire California drivers to create a state of innovation.

    Iconic cultural, business and civic leaders have joined the campaign as "Arts Drivers" to represent how creativity plays a vital role for success in a variety of careers. By participating in the "Create a State" campaign, they are helping to ensure that California's innovative companies and creative workforce continue to be the envy of the world for generations to come.


    • Annette Bening
    • Alice Waters
    • Cast of Glee
    • David Geffen
    • Debbie Allen
    • Ed Ruscha
    • Eli Broad
    • Father Greg Boyle
    • Frank Gehry
    • Harrison Ford
    • Herb Alpert
    • Jack Black
    • John Lithgow
    • Macy Gray
    • Maria Shriver
    • Michael Feinstein
    • Ozomatli
    • Placido Domingo
    • Quincy Jones
    • Robert Redford
    • Russell Simmons
    • Steve Martin
    • The Edge
    • Tim Robbins
    • Vernon Davis
    • Wolfgang Puck


    Approximately 60 percent of the California Arts Council's annual budget comes from sales and renewals of the Arts Plate – funding that directly supports and sustains arts education and arts programs for kids and communities all across the state.

    The California Arts Plate was created through special legislation in 1994. It is a joint project between the California Arts Council and the Department of Motor Vehicles and was the first specialty plate program in the U.S. designed solely to benefit the arts. The plate image is titled "Coastline" and was created by renowned California artist Wayne Thiebaud in 1993. Since then the iconic image has become famous worldwide, and sales and renewals of the plate have provided millions of dollars to support arts programs in California.

    By purchasing the Arts Plate, you are joining the drive to generate millions of dollars annually for arts education programs in California. Your support will help create a state of innovation and ensure that California continues to be a world leader in creative and innovative fields for generations to come.

  • Arts Plate!

    Tomorrow’s innovators need arts education today.

    Did you know?

    • The arts can positively affect entire school culture—especially student motivation, attitudes, and attendance—which encourages students to:
      • Stay in school
      • Succeed in school
      • Succeed in life
      • Succeed in work
    • A student involved in the arts is four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.
    • Low-income students who are highly engaged in the arts are more than twice as likely to graduate college as their peers with no arts education.
    • Creativity is the top attribute sought by today’s CEOs.

    Help ensure that California continues to be a world leader in creative and innovative fields for generations to come: buy your Arts Plate today!

    Arts Plate
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    Artist Wayne Thiebaud

    This pop artist contemporary of Andy Warhol is famous for his still life images of food, especially sweets, painted in bright pastels with thick strokes. A 2001 issue of Time dedicated to the Western states called Thiebaud "The Poet of Pastry," saying that "Wayne Thiebaud offers deep pleasures in the everyday, from pies and cakes to slices of landscapes."

    THIEBAUD Thiebaud moved to California at a young age and is often considered California's artistic native son. He started as a commercial artist after attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School, working briefly at Walt Disney Studios, studying commercial art at the Frank Wiggins School in Los Angeles, and working as a cartoonist in Long Beach in the 1930s. After World War II he attended San Jose State College and Cal State Sacramento for an advanced degree in art, and then gained national recognition in the 1960s with his still-life images of food. He has taught in numerous California institutions, especially a long stint at University of California at Davis where he is currently a professor emeritus.


  • Sony Pictures is a sponsor of the "Create a State" launch event.
  • Ovation is a sponsor of the "Create a State" launch event.
  • Wolfgang Puck Catering is a sponsor of the "Create a State" launch event.
  • Susan Steinhauser & Daniel Goldberg are sponsors of the "Create a State" launch event.
  • Topps Digital Services is the online sponsor of the "Create a State" campaign.
  • ClearChannel has donated outdoor media for the "Create a State" campaign.
  • Industrial Creative created and produced the "Create a State" campaign.
  • AstraPacific is driving a double decker bus with "Create a State" artwork around LA, and bought Arts Plates for their entire City Safari Bus Tours fleet!